Shoe Queen – Kena Yoke (Friday Girl TV)

Shoe Queen – Kena Yoke

By Friday Girl on September 16, 2011 in Shoe Queen


As President of Dax Enterprises, Inc., a Professional Resources Solutions business handling administrative needs for a variety of companies, and Vice President of Island Piling, Inc., a Specialty Contracting Construction Company in Naples, Florida, Kena Yoke spends her days solving issues and assisting in the management and operation of projects for her partner and clients. Kena’s goal is to assist her clients in maintaining a viable and profitable business in today’s trying market, utilizing the latest in technology, social media and marketing.  Kena’s legacy is to launch a business model that will allow the “unemployable” to obtain work and training, while being compensated and developing skills and self value.  The first “business” that will launch this model will be a shoe store, where her passion for giving back will be aligned with her passion and belief in the power of shoes.  Kena believes a hand up is more valuable than a hand out.


FG:         Who is the designer of the stiletto?
KY:         Luichiny

FG:         Where did you purchase your shoes?
KY:         DSW

FG:         Why did you purchase them?
KY:         The flashy heel, paisley pattern, zipper back, snaps and bows wouldn’t let me out of the store without them.  They owned me.


Stiletto Madlibs:

Finish these sentences in your own phrase..

FG:         A good pair of stilettos makes you feel…..
KY:         Like the world is right and you can do anything you set your mind to.

FG:         If we could walk a mile in your shoes….
KY:         It would be the start of an amazing day, getting my son off to high school, meeting clients, bidding projects, settling contracts, catching up with friends and trying to make a difference in the world around me.

FG:         Stilettos are like …. Everyone….
         Adrenaline, they offer hidden powers to keep me positive and moving forward.  Everyone takes note of the shoes I wear, they are my trademark and will be my legacy.


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