Distinctive Women Magazine 2010-2011

“The more you give back, the better life you live.”

With acute attention to detail and a knack for orchestration, Dax Enterprises’ owner Kena Yoke is part detective and part conductor. Drawing on her ever-expanding expertise, Kena developed Dax into a top-notch, wholly comprehensive office-support, social media, marketing and bookkeeping firm.

“It’s an à la carte business,” observes Kena. Clients turn to Dax for everything from reception help and conference space to social media solutions, complete bookkeeping and full-service office staff. Mining her experience, expertise, network of professional associates and talented in-house staff, Kena continues to widen her firm’s reach.

While the continued growth and success of Dax keeps Kena busy, she still insists on giving back to the community. “My legacy is going to be a shoe store called In Her Shoes,” she passionately explains. The for-profit venture will let in-need people gain work experience and invaluable training so that they can acquire the tools to ultimately help themselves. “I don’t believe in handouts,” concludes Kena. “I believe in hand-ups.”



Source: Distinctive Women

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