It truly takes a village for any venture, from raising children to running a business, being successful takes a team.  Giving back is a large part of why many people succeed in business.  It’s not always about the money, it’s about caring and sharing a... Read More »

Entrepreneurship is All About Adapting

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Power Women – March 2012

Kena Yoke A dynamic leader with incredible networking skills; a sharp eye for details and a tenacious work ethic.  Kena Yoke, Vice President of Island Piling, Inc., strives to reach new limits.  Along with her partner, Scott Yoke, they skillfully developed Island Piling into... Read More »

Distinctive Women 2011-2012

“Creating Relationships that make a difference.” Networker extraordinaire, Kena Yoke, firmly believes in the power of personal interaction.  Explaining her tried and true philosophy, she asserts, “Businesses succeed through creating meaningful relationships and actually connecting with people.” The woman behind the full-service office support... Read More »

Being a Social-Preneur

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